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Jeser Madureira

Training | Quality | Sustainability Health & Safety Work Mentoring | Advisor | EaaS

BUILDING Journeys of Excellence:

At Maturus Ecosystem, we embrace excellence in all aspects. Our company is an ecosystem that brings together knowledge, innovation and passion for solving complex challenges. With a maturity and quality based approach to achieving, we are here to drive your success.

We aggregate training, EaaS and guidance services in several areas. We have more than 30 years of experience and are passionate about what we do.

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Core Values

  • Integrity: Our actions are based on ethical principles and transparency.
  • Excellence: We seek exceptional results and positive impact.
  • Innovation: We embrace creativity to find unique solutions.
  • Responsibility: We are committed to society and the environment.
  • Empowerment: We empower individuals and organizations to grow.

Impact and legacy

  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction and operational efficiency.
  • Increased safety, health and well-being.
  • Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Creation of high-performance teams and cultures of excellence.

"We seek to produce the expected result"

EaaS - Advisor





"Taking knowledge and awakening to follow, break and transcend the rules."

"mature" in Latin, origin of "madureira" who takes care of the vines until they become mature.

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"Transforming great professionals into professionals of excellence"

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"Bringing information, science and awareness and practice to society."


Founder and technical manager.

He has 30 years of experience, was Quality Director at Valeo AmSul for 10 years and then at Head EQS of the LatAm Region of SiemensGamesa for 4 years, working in Quality, SSMA, ESG, focused on sustainable practices, operational efficiency and responsible management, improving security performance, the quality of products and services, playing a fundamental role in the development and implementation of methodologies for solving complex problems, such as QRQC and TapRoot.

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"We seek to produce the expected result"

Side by side to identify growth opportunities, optimize processes and implement effective strategies. Like EaaS, expertise meets convenience for enterprises. Direct access to C-Level executives highly in the areas of Environment, Sustainability and Governance, Quality, Strategic Management, People Management and Operations.

Advisor: Governance is one of the most important factors for the success and longevity of companies



"Transforming great professionals into professionals of excellence"

A service dedicated to personal and professional development. Inspiration will share knowledge, experiences and advice to help you grow and achieve your goals. Mentoring offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best and chart a successful path for the future. Be it a personal investment or an investment for your teams.

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"Bringing information, science and awareness and practice to society."

We combine creativity and strategy to boost your online presence. From creating engaging and relevant content to connecting through social media and digital marketing strategies, we can be the right partner to build and contribute a solid brand to meaningfully connect with your audience.


"Taking knowledge and awakening to follow, break and transcend the rules."

QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) is a methodology for solving complex problems at Genba and in teams.

Born at Nissan in the early 90s, derived from the principles of Lean Management, it is the ideal project management method for solving problems in Genba, on a day-to-day basis. Its main precursor was Kazuo Kawashima, who later joined the Valeo Group.

Originated from the Japanese Kaizen approach, a continuous improvement process based on concrete, simple and inexpensive actions, a matter of making small improvements every day.

It involves all interested parties in solving complex problems and improves team performance, ensuring product, process and design quality, and increasing people engagement, customer satisfaction and investor returns.

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Where are we today

Sindipeças - Mentor

Corporate Governance Support Program

  • Promote improved governance in SMEs.
  • Preserve and increase its value in society
  • Facilitate access to financial resources and longevity
  • Improve management and evaluate your purposes.

ESG Land - Expert

Platform ESG

  • Show and support ESG commitment
  • Expand and democratize the ESG debate
  • Intermediate all agents
  • Collaborate, transform and believe that we can improve lives

FestQuali - Speaker

Quality Movement

  • Good quality and sustainability practices
  • Influence the production chain
  • Solutions and innovations for ESG issues
  • Positively impact society

Anote aí! - Presenter


  • Content from problem solving to people management
  • Discuss academia and continuing education
  • Emphasize absorbing and applying knowledge
  • Provide practical advice and information for professionals





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Ethic & Compliance

Ethics is our duty and that of our business partners. Our commitment to ethics is expressed in our “Ethics and Compliance” code, which is also applicable to everyone who interacts with Maturus, including customers, associated institutions and business partners.

The company's Management is responsible for management, dealing, for example, with consultations and investigations into the conduct of our representatives, supporting the construction of an honest environment.

For us, compliance is the duty to comply with current regulations, within the highest ethical and conduct standards and has the main dimensions:

  • COMPLIANCE: compliance with agreements, rules and current laws and regulations;
  • INTEGRITY: ethical business conduct, transparency in decision-making.

We try to develop, disseminate and monitor each topic, promoting actions both internally and externally.

Our Quality Policy, based on ISO9001:2015, is part of this code, and can be accessed at the links (in Portuguese)